Hi Jason,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with assistance for your credit and debt issues, as per your request.


  • Negotiate the debt and Removal of Two (2) defaults as listed below

This proposal below is based upon the information you have provided, and the scope you have requested. Please check the above is correct before confirming. If this information varies the proposal will vary as well.


Over the past 10 years Fix Bad Credit have been helping thousands of Australians with their credit and debt issues. We are proud that over 95% of our business has come from recommendations and referrals from people we have helped along the way, it means we have done the right thing by them.

To make sure we continue to do our best for you, our fee schedule is structured to ensure exactly that, so that it is zero risk to you.


Debt negotiation our fee is 35% of what we save you, and we provide a 200% money back guarantee. What that means is if we do not reduce your debt by at least double of what you invest with us you get your money back and keep the negotiated result. This ensures there is no financial risk on your end when joining our services.

Default removal our fee is $1,500 each. Figures quoted Exc GST.


We have prepared the following payment plan, based upon the information provided. An upfront payment of $2,500 and 87 weekly payments of $250.


Once our investigation commences four (4) important events occur:

  1. We arrange to suspend all payments on liabilities under dispute.
  2. We arrange to suspend all debt collection activities on your nominated liabilities under dispute. Credit providers will no longer be able to contact you by telephone, text, write or personally visit you, we handle that.
  3. We prevent credit providers from recording any more negative information on your credit report for all liabilities under dispute.
  4. Credit providers will be required to provide the necessary documents, allowing us to investigate and identify potential compliance breaches on liabilities under dispute.

To accept this proposal please make payment to the following account:

Com Bank
Fix Bad Credit
BSB: 062-246
A/C: 10341710
Ref J Greenhalgh

Once payment is received, we will generate a Letter of Authority for you to sign authorising Fix Bad Credit to act on your behalf in resolving the above.

At all stages we will maintain weekly communication as to the progress of your case.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

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