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High Rocky Lim & RL Finance group,

RE: Increase your sales for free!

Fix Bad Credit have been helping business’s just like RL Finance Group increase their sales at no cost to them.

Below you will hear how Bruce required commercial finance to expand his business however an issue with his credit report was preventing this from happening.

His broker referred him to the team at Fix Bad Credit who took care of the issues, and finance was approved…

And you can too.

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
James was very responsive, very helpful and knowledgeable. If getting approved on your loan application is what you’re after then he is definitely the right man for the job!

Orexis Pangan
Google Review

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
James has really showed his utmost professionalism, got my credit issues fixed as quick as only 3 weeks. They are highly recommended.

Rocky Chen
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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
I couldn’t be happier with Fix Bad Credit . After a relationship breakdown I was left with a substantial amount of debt , and ended up with a coupe of defaults , and RHI info on my credit file .
13 weeks later I’m debt free, I’ve been approved for a credit card, and saving for a house

Kelly Care
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Fantastic. Defaults removed from Credit report, and now debt free. couldn’t have done it without your help. Stoked.

Ray Hunter
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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
The team at fix bad credit brisbane were very friendly and supportive. They were also quick to respond and helped me on my situation with sorting credit card debt. I highly recommend.

Ken C
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How we helped Bruce obtain Commercial Finance to expand his business:

Mark and his Team at Mortgage Domayne had used companies offering similar services in the past with disappointment and frustration being the outcome.

Then Mark had a client who had settlement within 1 month, but a default on the credit report was preventing him getting finance approved. That’s when Mark made the decision to give Fix Bad Credit the opportunity to show what they can do. Within 1 week they confirmed the creditor had agreed to remove the default, and the Credit Report Bureaus simply had to update the records at their end. Finance was approved, and settlement went through. Mortgage Domayne have utilised the free to them service provided and increased the value of their book by 7 figures.

”we had used other services offering similar, that only delivered disappointment. I had a client who had settlement within 1 month, and a default was preventing this. I gave Fix Bad Credit the opportunity to show us what they can do. 1week later they confirmed the creditor had agreed to remove the default. In a 3 month period they have increased the value of our book by 7 figures at zero cost to us. Highly recommended”.

A recent report stated that almost 1 in 4 credit applications are declined because of information on the credit report.

That’s 25%

Based on these stats Fix Bad Credit would love the opportunity to work with (company name) and increase your sales by up to

25% @ Zero cost to you?

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