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How To Increase Your Net Worth Without Spending A Cent

In recent blogs I’ve been talking a lot about investing in your money, but do you invest in your relationships? We can spend a lot of time dreaming about increasing our net worth but do we spend too much time focussing on the wrong set of assets? In today’s blog we are going to look…

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How You Can Become a Money-Making Machine!

In previous blogs I have discussed the importance of setting goals (Check out the blog How to reach your goals faster). Yet are you wondering how you’ll ever make enough money to achieve them? Well, this may surprise you… You don’t have to have a huge income or win the lottery to make enough money…

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3 Common Mistakes People Make When Investing, and How to Avoid Them

Making money is more fun than losing it! Yet the biggest mistake that a person can make when it comes to investing is failing to even start, and it is the fear of making mistakes that contributes to this number one mistake. On the other hand, the second biggest mistake are those people who do…

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The Psychology Of Saving and How You Can Beat The System

There’s no doubt about it, saving money can be hard work. According to ME Bank, around 48% of us Aussies have less than $10,000 in savings (including savings accounts, term deposits and offset accounts). That includes fewer than 21% that have less than $1,000 in savings. But why is it so difficult for us to save?…

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Interested in making money while you sleep?

In the previous blog, we learnt that the worst investment we can make is exchanging our time for money. Instead, if we really want to live the lives of freedom we deserve, we need to pursue opportunities for other streams of income. We need to start making money while we sleep! But how can we…

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The worst, and best, investment you can make

Have you ever wondered what is the best investment to make the most money? Well, there is a simple answer to this question, and it’s not what think! In this blog we are going to take a look at: What is a commodity? and what commodity is worth more than money? How have we all…

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