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How to Budget Like a Boss

Budgets? So boring! If you’re anything like me in the past you’ve written one before and promptly forgot about it or realised it was totally unrealistic and given up before you even got started. But as boring as budgets are, they can be the difference between sharing a can of baked beans with your cats…

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How Do Debt Consolidation Loans Work?

If you’re like most people, then you might have a couple (or more) loans that you’re currently paying off at the moment. Paying off more multiple debts at a time is not uncommon. You may have a couple of credit cards and have taken out a loan for a car or home, for example. It’s…

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How to Fix a Bad Credit Score

Are you surprised your loan application was declined? Are you having trouble taking out a loan? There is a chance that you might have a bad credit score and this is hurting your ability to get that loan. Your credit score sums up the information in your credit report into one number, designed to represent…

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10 Warning Signs You Have Debt Problems

Many people know when they’re struggling financially. Intuitively, we feel the pressure of not having enough cash to meet all of our obligations. If you live on a cash basis, you will find yourself with no choice but to stop spending when the money runs out. Credit and debt distort our instincts. When you use…

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7 Ways to Get Out of Debt Fast

When your debt only seems to increase, living life can become stressful and frustrating, you can’t sleep at night, your relationships are affected and even everyday shopping like buying groceries can seem overwhelming. The impact of the stress can lead to physical health problems, including decreasing our capacity to fight off illnesses – which is the opposite…

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What Affects Your Credit Score?

Congratulations! You’ve checked your credit report and discovered you have a good credit score. However, it’s still important to understand what affects a credit score and what you can do to keep your credit rating high. Sometimes small decisions can have a larger effect than people realise, and when added together can affect your credit…

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