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Fix Bad Credit

At FBC we’ve been listening to what you want. Without fail, financial freedom is it. Schools and Universities don’t teach us anything about managing our finances, credit reports, credit scores, credit cards, loans, debt repayments…But, if we don’t control our money, our money will control us.

In response, we’ve created the .

The Financial Improvement and Growth is a one stop information hub for jargon free money hacks and tips (plus some good reads), where you can be empowered to grow from surviving to thriving.

The finance industry can be very grey and confusing

By informing you about how to nurture your money, the FBC FIG Centre will empower you to grow beyond the boundaries stopping you reaching your financial goals.

You too can produce fruit… like a FIG – one of the most lavish fruits on the planet!

Module 1

How To Change Your Life With Your Credit Report

Module 2

Eliminating debt- strategies to change your life

Module 3

Coming Soon

Module 4

Coming Soon

Module 5

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Module 6

Coming Soon

Financial growth starts here.

Talking cents down under provides you with a round up of money matters, where we take the complication and confusion out of the jargon-riddled world of finance.

Making it simple so everyone can make cents of it.